Thursday, February 25, 2010

In Contrast

In my last post I wrote any extremely long, well stuff saying how modern youth are facing a lot of problems and that YES!+ can solve them. In a recent session with Bawa, he said the most interesting thing about YES!+. What he said was
"This course is not especially designed for depressed, sick, suicidal people, we haven't opened a mental assylum. Its very much true that the course helps such people a lot to come out of depression, stress etc. The course is actually for happy people, you know when someone says I am anyways happy with my life I reply that you are qualified to do the YES!+ course. The course is designed keeping in mind the most happiest and the most saddest people and how to bring out the best in each of them so they can enjoy life. I tell happy people if you want to continue being happy do the course"
So now when someone makes fun about us doing the course, we can proudly say that 'I did the course was for my overall personal development and not b'coz I was depressed.' Anyways the YES!+ logo itself says 'Accelerating Excellence' and not 'Curing Depression'. So lets accelerate and make March 18th course a historical course.

Jai Gurudeva!



P.S.:Coming soon some really nice stories (and possibly pictures) from recent course

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Protect the endangered species "Stress-free,happy Youth"

We all from the YES!+ team of entire Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai,Thane to Kalyan(maybe even beyond) have taken up the challenge to protect a rapidly decreasing, now endangered species- "a healthy, stress free, happy Youth". It is quite a challenging task as knowingly or unknowingly everyone is contributing to the end of this very rare species.
Today youngsters face a wide array of problems like handling things. Teenagers have so many things to handle ........ studies, private tutions, emotions, girlfriends/boyfriends, hobbies (which people seem to have to less time for). Relations are a major problem during the age of 16 to 21 the primary reason is that the teenager is considered as a young adult (meaning people say 'you are not a child to have this' and at the same time, 'you are too young for this') so there is absolutely no understanding what he/she should do and not do. Result is constant arguements between parents and children. The child feels parents don't understand him, while the parents feel the child doesn't understand them, incidently both are correct as neither one listens to what other is saying. Well if I continued this post would be endless, the point is youth today are facing problems to which they are unable to find answers. When answers run out the youth see Suicide as the only option (which actually creates more problems then it solves).
Now there are some lucky ones who do find some answers (like me) which help them excel in what they do. Life suddenly becomes a full of fun, enthusiasm and love.
The YES!+ course aims at the overall development of the Youngsters and help them conquer their lives.
For further details click here
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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Story time.
Once Narad muni asked lord Vishnu what is the benefit of the company of saints, enlightened people etc. Lord Vishnu said,"at a certain place on earth is a certain worm lying in the mud go and ask him he will be glad to tell you."
So following instructions Narad muni goes to the worm and asks him "What is the benefit of the company of saints & sages?".The worm dies on the spot, disappointed Narad muni returns to lord Vishnu and tells him what happened. After a pause Lord Vishnu tells him to meet a certain dog who will answer his question.
Obediently Narad muni goes to the dog and asks,"What is the benefit of the company of saints & sages?".The dog also dies immediately, annoyed Narad muni returns to Lord Vishnu and tells him of the incident. Lord Vishnu directs him to kingdom of powerful king,"The queen just gave birth to a son, ask him he will solve your query".
Narad muni reaches the kingdom and is greeted with all honours. The King shows him to the new born son, however Narad is terrified to ask him anything because he is afraid that like the worm and the dog the child will also die, and should that happen all the hands that were honouring him would turn kill him. Finally Narad muni brings up all his courage and asks,"What is the benefit of the company of saints & sages?"
To everyone's surprise the new born child starts speaking "O Devrishi why do you ask such a silly question, the first time we met I was liberated from the life of worm just because you spoke to me. The next you found me as a dog and again freed me from that form as well, just by your company and now I have risen from a worm to a human birth merely by your company. When I grow old and die I will be liberated from the circle of life and death, for you have come on my birth to meet me.This is what the company of saints & sages does."

Jai Gurudeva!



P.S. Almost forget its my birthday and couldn't remember why I woke up at 3:30 even for sadhana and went back to sleep. Suddenly at 5:00 I woke up and realized it was my Birthday. Quickly freshed up and did my morning sadhana (damn I hate it when I don't do it at 4:00 AM) and was almost late for college, still thanks to his grace I made it in one piece and ready for the day saying 'try me' instead of 'why me'. Completely forgotten where I put the QnA with Rishi Vidyadharji yesterday will post it as soon as I find it

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Jokes

Doctor: Do you suffer From wet dreams?
Patient: No I quite enjoy them

Wife asks Husband: What will you do if I die.
Husband: I will die toI won't be able to bear the happiness

A man goes to Ram temple and prays for his lost wife.
Lord Rama tells him: There is a Hanuman temple next to this one, tell him he found my wife too

Journal Entry for Love
Love A/c Dr
To cash A/c
To bank A/c
To gold A/c
To Other assets A/c
To Bankruptcy A/c
(Being love expenses incurred and lover becoming insolvent)

Alcohol is a solution-------------------------------- mostly of ethenol and water

What is the thing that world needs most today?
Bawa: Yoga, meditaion, A lot of Triphala especially with modern eating habits

Jai Gurudeva!

First Q&A

As said in the first post here's a nice Q&A with Bawa and Dinesh Da from Winter Break

Q1. What is the minimum Time between 2 advance courses?
Bawa: 3 minutes. we absolutely don't allow anyone to do an advance course for atleast 3 minutes after an advance course

Q2. I eat a lot of Tamasik food can I compensate it by eating Rajasik Food?
Bawa: You do this and do about 10 advance courses a year and you will be fine.

Q3. (Angrily)How do we be grateful to something when a bird shits on you?
Bawa: Be grateful elephants can't fly

Q4. How do we separate sound advice from being a football of others opinions?
Bawa: Well the advice you like is sound advice, the one you don't is being a football of others opinion.

Q5. How do we not see intention behind others mistake when some one is doing injustice to you?
Dinesh: You are not supposed to see the intention behind others 'mistake' if someone is bing unjust to you it is no mistake.

Q6. How do we know our meditation was done properly or not if we missed some instruction?
Dinesh: You don't worry about that, you just have to sit, sit and surrender, even if you don't follow some instructions its Ok, understand that it is doing its work, don't worry just give your 100%.

Q7. I don't know whether I am doing my Kriya correctly or not?
Dinesh: Well if you have been doing it properly till now, don't worry, if you are not sure at all then repeat a YES!+ course.

Q8. What are all these symbols (On the pillars of Vishalakshi Mantap)?
Dinesh: They are of various religions, which, you find them.

Q9. Why do experiences of doing the Kriya for the first time differ from person to person?
Dinesh: Every person has different food, habits, personality etc bcoz of this the problems they have and the toxins that are stored in the body are different from every one else. These toxins get released causing different experiences.

Q10. Could you elaborate more on the chakras?
Dinesh: Don't go to much in detail about them, whatever has been told till now is more than sufficient, the more you know about them the more confused you will be.

There is a nice post by Vikram Bhaiya on his blog about a certain article containing a comment by Guruji which has been manipulated and printed be sure to check his blog

Jai Gurudeva!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Gift (being dragged into a course)

Its strange in how many ways life can work when you have the blessings of a master.
It has been quite a wish to do all my courses with Bawa n Dinesh Da, no matter the difficulty or simplicity of it. This February there was going to be a DSN with Saleel Bhaiya which I was going to attend, it being my first DSN. To my horror my name somehow managed to get itself from 78% attendance to 78% absent in my college. Immediately by the end of January a parents meeting was held which I attended with my Father. Obviously I was afraid that my father would be angry that why this happened and once the Principal started her lecture (blaming everything on parents really) I was even more pushed because she said permissions were given for us CA students, which was flatly denied to me on my Face.
When I went to speak with my father after the meeting he was really angry (potential miracle no.1) not at me but at the principal who had used swear words in her 'speech' he said to ignore her and continue with studies. The problem was now I was needed to be present 100% of the second term, that is if you can call one month and 9 days as a term, still a DSN meant 3 days which I could not find myself to go to. Here is where all the physical miracles start.
Bawa n Dinesh being in town decided to take the course themselves and postpone it to Friday the 12th. The first day I went one lecture didn't take place as the teacher was not there, incidentally the one that annoyed me (rather all of us) like anything. I decided if there were 3 lectures that were declared 'OFF' Hell with the college, I am going for a DSN. And Finally four lectures have been 'off' this week. Then I looked at the course date, Friday the 12th, reporting being at Thursday the 11th, was infact MahaShivratri, no college :) . Suddenly college decided to put a non-working day on Saturday as well. Anyways I rarely have plans for Sunday, so DSN here I come.
Its strange how things work out so smoothly when you are committed and have the masters grace. You tend to get a lot of gifts, like getting dragged into a course when your thinking "how will I go to the course".
Next post, what experience of the divine comes in the course so lets see what happens

Jai Gurudeva!



Monday, February 1, 2010

Meat Goes Out The Window (Flight Actually)

For all the people who don't know The Art of Living and The Times Foundation have made an appeal to the public to sign their joint online petition to stop serving non-veg food on Indian Flights. A request to all Art Of Living People please sign and inspire more to sign so that Airlines reduce their fares and we can fly to Banglore instead of travelling by train. Here is the letter that will go to the Airlines

To: Airline Corporations

Global warming has reached alarmingly dangerous proportions and governments all over the world now are taking measures to contain it. It is our collective responsibility to join in these efforts in all our capacities to save our precious planet.

A 2006 United Nations report summarized the devastation caused by the meat industry by calling it "one of the top two or three most significant contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global." Everybody today is aware that the environmental cost for producing a meat-based diet is monumentally higher than a vegetarian one. These costs have escalated to enormous proportions and now pose as very disturbing details.

Additionally, more and more people are increasingly becoming aware of the unhygienic and cruel practices involved in producing meat. Apart from the horrible treatment given to animals reared for meat, they are also injected with harmful chemicals and hormones to add bulk to their bodies, which show strong signs of being poisonous for human consumption. Consequently, health agencies are also recommending people to reduce meat consumption.

It has been established that if a small fraction of the population brings down the meat consumption, by even a little bit, it will do wonders for the environment. Leading researchers all over the world have started recommending a vegetarian diet. Therefore, we would like to solicit your support in declaring all flights meat free. Such a policy change would not only benefit the airline industry, by cutting cost and increasing profit margins, but also the environment and is both economically prudent and ecologically responsible.

It has become imperative that all of us attend to this issue. We, therefore, request all Airways to serve completely vegetarian meals during flights. To increase awareness among people, we have launched a massive signature campaign in support of this drive.

We look forward to a positive response from you.

Warm Regards,

The Art of Living India & Times Foundation.

Click here to sign the online petition