Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Magic- 1st part

Now firstly sorry for being this inactive for last few months. This is a post i have been working on ever since I came from Summer Magic but just couldn't get it up and running for the blog.
Now the Journey to Banglore Ashram was not packed with exciting events but was nonetheless very exciting to begin and end with. One reason was that there were a lot of familiar faces this time unlike Winter Break(my 1st advance course) like Jaydeep and Neha. Neha was the volunteer in my group during my 1st YES!+ and I was meeting her after a long while so you can imagine this part of the excitement. Another reason was that I was going for a huge Advance course 1500 atleast, apart from that I was gonna meet BawaNDinesh(Big Smile) again and to top it all Guruji was going to be there for the entire course (Extremely Big Smile). Not many events to describe in the train apart from the fact that I was sleeping on top of the goodies that were going to be given during Summer Magic and had the props for Anand & Benaifer in front and Bau's pillow nearby (A big smile for all that).
Coming to the Ashram at midnight is just as exciting as it is in daylight, perhaps a bit more so, yet that wonderful feeling you get upon entering remains just as strong it was the last time I passed through those gates of gate no.5 Ok if I start going into details beyond this, it will become the longest post in the history of blogging so fast forwarding. To my fortune I was in 5 people sharing which turned out to be 4 people sharing and Jaydeep was in the same room with me so again it was quite easy to become friends with the remaining people. Sadhana 1st morning was in Yagyashala, my usual Kriya and Sahaj was never so deep and profound.
Since there is so much to tell I have decided to break it into parts so more next week
Jai Gurudeva!