Monday, December 17, 2012

The Auctioned Violin

A post after a long time. As usual I am  going to start with a story, a short one but one of my favorites.

It was an ordinary day with an ordinary auction going on. The auctioneer was doing his regular job selling the belongings of the late Carpenter. He was not really a famous man, the Instrument maker, only known possessing a few items of worth. In truth, him having objects worth auctioning was a mystery to the simple town folk, yet here were people paying thousands of euros for them.

Among his possessions was a violin whether made in his free time or bought, the auctioneer was not sure. The Bidding started at 2200 Euros. 2500 bid one, 3000 another and yet another bid 3200. Then walked in a man, not part of the auction, straight to the violin. He looked closely at it, picked it and started to play and when he played it was a very pleasant tune, melodious, soft and soothing. He stopped, kept it back, and the auctioneer asked "shall we start again?"

And again the bid started "10,000 Euro" "15,000" "25,000"

During this a man asked his neighbor "It is the same violin yet the bid is so high, what happened?"

The man next to him replied "The Touch of a master"

The End 

Friday, March 30, 2012

January the 14th

Something I have been meaning to post for a long time. If you came here because of my rampant tweeting, to know the conclusion of Mahabharata, Haha u r gonna have to wait till the next post. This one is all about Guruji's Pune visit
There I was sitting in my office mournful I might not get to go to Pune while my parents had already reached in the morning. By 3:15 I was totally downed and my started to play Guru Puja on its own. Suddenly my boss came, few minutes later I had permission to leave. It was 3:32 no way I was reaching in time for even end of Satsang. I reached my house, 15 mins walking distance quickly packed a few things, grabbed a rickshaw to the bust stop, another 5 mins. Upon reaching I inquired about the bus going to Pimpri. the conductors pointed at a nearby bus,"This one leaves at 3:50 next one is at 5". It was at that moment I realised it was still 3:47. Now reaching home itself should have taken till 3:45 add 5 minutes off packaging, another 5 for reaching bus stop 2-3 minutes lost in searching for rickshaw. This was the minimum time needed for everything, yet here i was doing in 15 mins that which required atleast 25.
So I am in the bus and off to Pimpri by 4pm. Now reaching the venue, I got down at the bus stop and my parents picked me up from there, amazingly I was still in time. meaning I had reached before 8.
Now Satsang goes great and I am looking for the girl who was supposed to bring my pass for the next days event. She Forgot!!! capital. so I go around the Satsang venue and find a stall for the event. Asked one of the volunteers for a pass of 1100 Rs the volunteer starts going through his bundle, looks up with a shocked smile "Last one".
next came the question of accommodation. I would definitely stay at my uncles but then how do I reach the next venue? Turns out the Satsang venue was actually 15 mins walking from my uncles house. Again I had a car to take me home :-)
Next day went to the venue with my father driving and uncle guiding, and returned the same way. In short I was extremely comfortable from beginning to end. (I also had a car to go home )
Guru of Joy ? Add Guru of comfort as well
Jai Gurudeva