Monday, August 29, 2011

Facts about Engineering

Engineers I want your honest opinion on these jokes sent by an engineer. Others can simply enjoy the fun

Engineering College : Place where you're punished for getting good HSC marks.

Senior : guys who got ragged as juniors and wanna get some payback...

Fresher : Guy who has to ask where the canteen is...

Really Dumb Fresher : Guy who asks a senior where the canteen is.

Really Really Dumb fresher : guy who follows the senior to the canteen.

Ragging : the unfortunate fate of the previous idiot.

Evasive action: watch the juniors when any seniors come nearby. (No one
runs faster than a fresher. NO ONE.)

Babe : After two years in Engineering, anything remotely female qualifies for that title.

KT : makes you suicidal..

Year Drop : makes dad homicidal.

Rereviewuation : Cruel joke... (results of rreview come after you give the KT exam).

Principal : Biggest Idiot on campus. Unfortunately, also the most powerful idiot on campus.

Lectures : waste of time..

Tutions : what you take when you don't waste enough time.

Professor : person paid to put students to sleep.

Vernac Prof : Unusual variant of previous individual who comes packaged
with his own brand of english ("Now you check me your journal." "You Out get from class." "Are you understand, Beta?" )

Practical : 60 to 90 minutes in which you discuss Pamela Anderson's assets, watch the girls do your experiment, and usually destroy a considerable array of lab equipment.

Hopeless Practical : The practical in which there are no girls in your group (simply look blankly at each other, fiddle with the equipment,and finally copy the readings. from the girls of course...).

Fear : what you feel when the prof who's signature you forged on the journal hesitates to turn the page...

Irony : The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.

Critical Calculation : Summing up the marks you attempted in the exam...

Sleep : Huh! What the heck's That?

Jai Gurudeva,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fear of loss..... Shadow of greed it is

Yoda's rather cryptic words from Star Wars episode III quite simple to understand like most of his statements are ;-) I have always wondered how Lucas got hold of such
knowledge one liners. This one (The title in case you haven't figured it out)
has got a whole new meaning to it again an instant post-kriya post. I so love Vikram Hazra for using Iphone apps for making posts to his blog, thanks to which I can make posts to MY blog using My Phone so this is also my first mobile post :-D
In my previous post I have given some, not so subtle signs of possesiveness and wanting of...... well m not gonna tell what or who as people have been asuming to know and understand me (Yeah right !!) and it had been bothering me along with other things, now here's where the fun begins
Going back to Guru Purnima with Mahesh Giriji (remember the last post B-) ) he had said that you should be able to let go "Chodna ana chahiya" interesting to hear, absolutely frightening to impliment. By no means is it impossible to implement but one where the intellect and mind are not ready to accept. A thousand excuses come up like 'what will be the purpose of my life if i lose this?' or 'whats the use of working so hard and then having to let it walk away?' 'Why to live if we can't get what we want?' etc etc..
Now all these excuses are quite logical and very convinient to follow but as Dumbledore says at the end of Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire "We all will have a choice between what is right and what is easy"
Now comes the big question why is it a right choice in the first place ?
Why is it so difficult to let go of things? Love? attachment and entanglement? why is there a fear of loss?
Those who have done an advance course will know the relation between fear and love.
All our actions are governed by fear
When we are sick we go to a doctor because we fear dying
People marry because of the fear of dying alone
They have children because they are afraid that they will not leave behind anything significant. Now the fear of loss is, like all the above are actually motivated by attachments which is very much NOT the same as Love at all. Now this is what Yoda says in Star Wars when you are attached to objects people or events the tail of misery follows but when you can love without being attached its a completely enjoyable regardless the result of the event or reaction of the person.
So whats the big deal with that you get to enjoy a little? but you can get to enjoy it for longer if you get to keep that object/person so why should you be ready to let go? Simple so that you can be happy without being miserable.
Now according to my experience events are the easiest to let go as they have already become "had beens" Already being in the past  there is not much that can be done about them so they are the easiest to let go
Then comes objects. Many things 'give' us pleasure, make us comfortable and "happy". So how to let go of this? The honest answer is that none of this is yours to begin with all that is "Yours" is actually a gift from the divine even your body is not your own and one day you will have to let go of that as well so whats the point of hankering to objects that are not yours.
The toughest are people to whom attachment, atleast for me, is highest and I for one still can't let go of a few people, despite the pain it causes and yet at times the knowledge overpowers the small mind and brings freedom so the only way to be truly free is to keep the prana high.
Incase you have not noticed all these put you in bondage where as being able to let them go sets you free to enjoy without reason.
So now the choice is yours be bound and enjoy with a limit or be free and enjoy limitlessly.
Now this does not mean that you should not want anything in life, it simply means knowing that whatever you need in life will be given to you AND whatever that is lost is not necessary for you.
So finally I will shut up and let you decide how this post is
Jai Gurudeva