Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am Back

Sorry For the long gap people, but as Arnold would say, "I'll be Back", so am I. Quite honestly this post is not going to have anything interesting so you can stop reading Right NOW!!!

Its new year time and Santa has already visited. Got lots of stories to share, knowledge to upgrade oneself, Guru moments, Love bytes, and lot of my usual rambling.

When I logged in on blogger after a Long time( note the capital L) I saw my followers have gone up. Now I have 10 followers, God bless you people( No idea whatsoever,what they found so interesting :P ). Got a lot of things to do now, One of them being reading Stumbling Into Infinity( the bloody thing costed 850/- !!!!!!! but then again the awesomeness sets off the price). Going to end this here hope to get Five posts in three days (Damn Double shifts!!!)

For now lets just remember a simple Funda - Zero complaints Only Praises.

Jai Gurudeva