Friday, March 30, 2012

January the 14th

Something I have been meaning to post for a long time. If you came here because of my rampant tweeting, to know the conclusion of Mahabharata, Haha u r gonna have to wait till the next post. This one is all about Guruji's Pune visit
There I was sitting in my office mournful I might not get to go to Pune while my parents had already reached in the morning. By 3:15 I was totally downed and my started to play Guru Puja on its own. Suddenly my boss came, few minutes later I had permission to leave. It was 3:32 no way I was reaching in time for even end of Satsang. I reached my house, 15 mins walking distance quickly packed a few things, grabbed a rickshaw to the bust stop, another 5 mins. Upon reaching I inquired about the bus going to Pimpri. the conductors pointed at a nearby bus,"This one leaves at 3:50 next one is at 5". It was at that moment I realised it was still 3:47. Now reaching home itself should have taken till 3:45 add 5 minutes off packaging, another 5 for reaching bus stop 2-3 minutes lost in searching for rickshaw. This was the minimum time needed for everything, yet here i was doing in 15 mins that which required atleast 25.
So I am in the bus and off to Pimpri by 4pm. Now reaching the venue, I got down at the bus stop and my parents picked me up from there, amazingly I was still in time. meaning I had reached before 8.
Now Satsang goes great and I am looking for the girl who was supposed to bring my pass for the next days event. She Forgot!!! capital. so I go around the Satsang venue and find a stall for the event. Asked one of the volunteers for a pass of 1100 Rs the volunteer starts going through his bundle, looks up with a shocked smile "Last one".
next came the question of accommodation. I would definitely stay at my uncles but then how do I reach the next venue? Turns out the Satsang venue was actually 15 mins walking from my uncles house. Again I had a car to take me home :-)
Next day went to the venue with my father driving and uncle guiding, and returned the same way. In short I was extremely comfortable from beginning to end. (I also had a car to go home )
Guru of Joy ? Add Guru of comfort as well
Jai Gurudeva