Monday, July 4, 2011

Story Time

Well its story time again and this time I got a Love story (ooooowww) Without further adieu let the story begin

Some seriously long time ago, when India was under the rule of the Moghul Emperors, in a small village came a young man barely above mid twenties for some work. He stayed there for two months, during that period he fell in love with a local girl and she loved him as well, only her love for him was beyond that of just the regular long gazing in eyes and romantic talks and all the other silly things that people in love so often do. When his work was over he left the village suddenly and no one could tell of whereabouts. The girl, now madly in love lost all sense and of what others would call sanity.
She left the village to find her lover, having lost her mind on her lover, she would ask ever person she passed about him but she didn't stop there she would ask every tree, every animal, every bird that she could, not a single rock did she pass without asking the location of her lover. Walking, walking, searching, searching, she was lost in a forest.
In the same forest was the then emperor of India, out for a hunt with his royal guard with him. In the evening it was time for Namaz. Now this an emperor sitting so of course there was a royal, silk mattress with the finest quality cushion. With guards waiting at one side the emperor began his reading.
Then suddenly the love struck girl marched into his camp and walked past him. This angered the guards, who caught her immediately. The emperor himself was outraged at the disrespect this lowly woman had shown him and towards his most sacred text.
At the height of his anger he asked her "Who do you think you are to insult me while I am praying you lowly woman, to disrespect my Namaz is to disrespect GOD himself..". Before the emperor could continue the woman asked "Is your God important to you? do you love HIM?
The Emperor replied with a prompt 'Yes' Despite being chained and at the mercy of the emperor the girl laughed and said "What love do you speak of? when a lowly girl like me is loving just an ordinary man and so lost that she couldn't even see an emperor, whereas your love for God was so short that you saw this lowly girl just because she passed you by. This is your love for God? Even now your ignoring your lover for a lowly girl and you claim to love God?"
Hearing this the Emperors angered shattered and shards of shame fell on him. He released the girl and immediately sat for Namaz.

Here the tale comes to an awkward end, most would expect a love story to be something different but this is the kind of story that awakens you to a new reality. Where do we spend our time, how involved are we in every act we do, are we really being 100%, to go out of our "hectic" schedules and spend time with those whom we love, to actually Live life rather than get through it
I end this post with a line from Guruji
"Love is not just an emotion, it is your very being"

Jai Gurudeva,


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