Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Now awaiting my Graduation results so nothing much to give here. A course with Anjana Di today in Thane(Yeaaaaa) and DSN with the ultimate duo Bawa N Dinesh, also in Thane (*Lack of words to express excitement*) . A few jokes i got from here and there

Girlfriend(to boyfriend): What can u do for me?
Boyfriend : anything!!!!
Girl : Can u leave ur family for me?
Boy : Yes
G : Bring me money, clothes, jewelry as much as i want?
B : Yes
G: Get me stars, the moon, the sun?
B: Yes
G: Delete ur Facebook account?
B: Now really !! You ask too much

After the death of his wife, man asks friend " Quick get me a laptop"
Friend asks "Why?"
"I want to set my status to Single"

A boy was walking on road in the rain a girl comes to him and says why don't U share my
Boy- No thanks sister I like it this way

Moral............ nothing the Girl was not good looking :)

Jai Gurudeva,


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