Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Date with the Divine (Summer Magic Part2)

After a ridiculously long break all thanks to my exams I can finally add the Part 2 to Summer Magic Part 1
After the first day's amazing morning sadhana, there were quite a few surprises for us in SM some of the most prominent being sessions on Kaara Thandav, Bharat Natyan, Sri Sri Rural Development Program etc etc.
As usual the Magic started with Amazing (G)race modeled after the Amazing Race (although this was a much cleaner version, except maybe for Cina) designed by none other than our beloved Priya Subramanian (as usual). If you have done a single YES!++ or have been around bawa and you still don't know her then go ki....ahem go and do an advance course in Banglore Ashram.Now that being its usual difficult self (its not called Amazing Grace for nothing you know) I was on the other side this time that is to say I was volunteering this time, so it was fun to tort... em irritate others rather than get irritated :).

After that the 1st evening I got to see Him, finally it was complete, the day, life , enjoyment etc. He came in, in His awesome graceful manner sat down on His chair and closed His eyes for meditating and for the first time ever I went into a deep meditation at the same time He closed His eyes. A Perfect Date with the Divine. Of course just because this is Art Of Living doesn't mean there aren't people who will interfere in other peoples dates just for their own greed, as was the case where some one started shouting "I love u Guruji" over and over while He was meditating. Again there was simultaneous breaking of meditation(no way to confirm, but I saw His eyes were only half open when mine were little more, so assumed). Overall it was an awesome first day and the awesomeness continued for the following days.
The next most interesting thing was the session with Rajeshree Patel. For those of you who don't know she is a very senior teacher born and brought up in the US, and by Senior I mean Senior (she's BawanDinesh's teacher so you should get what I mean). At the end of the hour it was a very elevating experience and the value addition is indescribably magnormous. Although the Knowledge is, so if any one wants I will put up a summed up version of the hour on the blog.
That evening after satsang the silence started and this post ends :)
Jai Gurudeva!

Sneak Peek: Tomorrow new post Bhastrika with the Big Bearded Guy (SM P-3) keep smiling keep loving, Keep doing sadhana,satsang,seva


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