Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bhastrika with the Big Bearded Guy

The concluding part of the summer magic advance course.
After the silence started the next day came sunday. Meaning lots of meditations (Trust me when I say they can be either the greatest pains or pleasures in life, having experienced both) and evening satsang with Guruji at the amphitheater in front of the Vishalakshi Mantap so that we could enjoy Two beautiful sights at the same time. The whole day was in silence when Guruji came in the amphitheater and said it would be the last day of silence " Tomorrow morning you will come out of silence" a bit of a shocker actually.
With a wonderful day the hour before the satsang was quite grueling as we experienced " Life at 40,000 feet", the story of life at Siachal Glacier and various other things that a person who becomes a soldier has to go through. The lesson learned is simple be grateful for having such a peaceful life and the next time you complain about how tough things are for you remember these guys of your age living in hell everyday. After this the satsang was very uplifting even though Guruji spoke mostly Kannada.
Monday started with sadhana and coming out of silence followed by Rudra Puja with Guruji. As if this Divine Experience was not good enough, Guruji met each and every single participant of the course and blessed all of them followed by a Bhastrika and short meditation. Thus ended the advance course.
But wait its not over yet. In the following 2 days we were briefed on the vastness of the projects of Art Of Living, IAHV and WAYE, like Rural development projects. Even so we got a chance to meet 1 more time that day.
On the last day I went to Sumeru Mantap for doing daily Sadhana, expecting the rest of my group but finding only 2 unknown people and couple of monkeys. Nevertheless I did my sadhana, by the time I finished others had come (btw I had started at 5 AM and Yes I had taken a cold water bath before going) so after they finished we did a quick photography session and half of us went to see BnD only to find Bawa praying and Dinesh da talking around on his phone looking full stud in full blue sweater and track pants. After that heard Bawa play a nice piece on his piano( I think it was a sonata). I discovered Gate no. 3 and after a short discussion with Priyamani (refer previous posts) and a smell of a tomato recipe, made from the tomatoes I had just bought (hehe) we left for breakfast and soon leaving Home to go for Home.
Thats all for now

Jai Gurudeva!


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