Monday, August 29, 2011

Facts about Engineering

Engineers I want your honest opinion on these jokes sent by an engineer. Others can simply enjoy the fun

Engineering College : Place where you're punished for getting good HSC marks.

Senior : guys who got ragged as juniors and wanna get some payback...

Fresher : Guy who has to ask where the canteen is...

Really Dumb Fresher : Guy who asks a senior where the canteen is.

Really Really Dumb fresher : guy who follows the senior to the canteen.

Ragging : the unfortunate fate of the previous idiot.

Evasive action: watch the juniors when any seniors come nearby. (No one
runs faster than a fresher. NO ONE.)

Babe : After two years in Engineering, anything remotely female qualifies for that title.

KT : makes you suicidal..

Year Drop : makes dad homicidal.

Rereviewuation : Cruel joke... (results of rreview come after you give the KT exam).

Principal : Biggest Idiot on campus. Unfortunately, also the most powerful idiot on campus.

Lectures : waste of time..

Tutions : what you take when you don't waste enough time.

Professor : person paid to put students to sleep.

Vernac Prof : Unusual variant of previous individual who comes packaged
with his own brand of english ("Now you check me your journal." "You Out get from class." "Are you understand, Beta?" )

Practical : 60 to 90 minutes in which you discuss Pamela Anderson's assets, watch the girls do your experiment, and usually destroy a considerable array of lab equipment.

Hopeless Practical : The practical in which there are no girls in your group (simply look blankly at each other, fiddle with the equipment,and finally copy the readings. from the girls of course...).

Fear : what you feel when the prof who's signature you forged on the journal hesitates to turn the page...

Irony : The guy who copied your entire paper passes and you flunk.

Critical Calculation : Summing up the marks you attempted in the exam...

Sleep : Huh! What the heck's That?

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